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Personal Branding

Personal branding is not about what you have to offer, but who.


Getting to know the person behind a business, means getting to know, trust and like the brand more quickly.

You can become the go-to person in your space.

Perfect for:

- Founders growing the credibility of their venture
- Executives excelling in their career and representing their company

- Solopreneurs stand out from the crowd

The problem is, for most of us, the process seems unnatural, daunting, and complicated.


As a personal brand strategist, I coach you through each step of building your profile so you can position yourself as the go-to person in your industry with confidence and success.


1:1 Consultations

One-off sessions, or regular check-ins in person, on the phone or online.


Group Workshops

A range of one-day courses with 4-6 in a group.

Located in Basel.


Ongoing Support

An invisible team member, taking charge of your marketing activity.

 Hi, Hola, Guten Tag, Grützi. 

I'm Hannah-Grace.

Your regular ENFP personality type, 'The Campaigner', once I get behind an idea I believe in, I give it everything I've got. 

There is still so much to gain for business leaders from utilising LinkedIn and Personal Branding effectively, and I get energy from helping you recognise what makes you strong, and develop an approach to share that with the world. 


I've worked with marketing agencies and global brands and lived in London, Singapore, and Argentina.  I'm based in Switzerland but I also work remotely for clients in the UK & Germany. 

If you're not sure how I could help you, just get in touch for an initial chat.

Coffee on Desk

You Are

Building your existing business, raising your profile, stepping up a side hustle, setting up a new venture.

You Want

To grow your audience, attract funding, win more clients, become an authority in your field.

You Like

Keeping things simple, working collaboratively, learning for yourself, being proactive. 

You Need

Someone who sees your vision shares your energy, listens carefully, brings solutions.


Rosie Elliman, Rosie Green Events

(Leeds, UK)


When Hannah and I started working together, her enthusiasm, professionalism, and knowledge blew me away.


Hannah was also my soundboard for all creative ideas.


Hannah is very methodical, a great communicator and listener.

Her character and drive for perfection were infectious.

Emma Conroy, Inclusive Consulting (Sheffield, UK)


Hannah assisted with brand, vision and a clear marketing strategy including weekly social media posts and circulations. 

Through questioning and experimenting with different ideas, Hannah has built up an exceptional understanding of Inclusive, our culture and our values.


I can not recommend Hannah highly enough.. quite frankly I would be lost without her!

Saskia van Ooijen, Your Best Business Video (Basel, Switzerland)

All the possibilities with social media made me dizzy.


Hannah helped me, putting up a strategy for my social media content, especially LinkedIn.


Thanks to her help, I now even like to post things and work with social media.


She is a must for starters who have problems doing their acquisition and social media.

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